Purple Fountain Inn
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This page is a work in progress

While the questions keep coming, we keep answering!

Oh, no! Our Underground River tour was cancelled by the Coast Guard due to weather conditions. What else can we do?

If weather conditions are too rough for the Underground River, the coast guard will most likely prohibit other boat tours. The following inland activities/sights might help you fill your day:

  • Join a City Tour (1-5pm) and see the Crocodile Farm, Iwahig Penal Farm, Pineapple Weaving Farm, Mitra Ranch, Baker's Hill, and Plaza Cuartel.
  • Check out one of the nearby beaches or take advantage of the bigger hotels in the city and their swimming pools.
  • Kamia Bay Resort is a newly opened private beach resort around 45 minutes away. Rent a floating cabana or just enjoy their restaurant's quality offerings--some of the best in Puerto Princesa.
  • For a quiet day in the woods, there's Irawan Eco-Park. Enjoy a carabao cart ride, get a massage by a bubbling brook, or fly through the forest on a 1.3km zipline.
  • For the active type, take a trip to the Palawan Eco-Adventure Zone for their ATV's. You can also walk on water or roll down a hill in their giant orbs. This is on the way to Irawan Eco-Park.
  • Visit the city's mini museums: Palawan Heritage Center, Palawan Special Batallion World War II Museum, and the Environmental Enforcement Museum--each just 5 minutes away.
  • Get a quick education in organic farming at the Aloha House Christian Orphanage. Take home some of their homegrown honey and jams.
  • Sit back and stay in! Order from our lunch and dinner menus and call for a massage, foot spa, or mani/pedi.
  • Take a sunset stroll at the city Baywalk. Sample some local street food or rent a sidecar bicycle for 2.
  • Go souvenir shopping!

What time is my Underground River tour slot?

Time slots for tour permits are issued by the UR Office without consideration of tour participants' time preference.

Do you have a swimming pool?

Sorry, no pool here in our humble inn--just a purple fountain! If you're really itching to swim, our next door neighbor, One Manalo Place, offers walk-in rates for pool use.

Are you near near/by the beach?

There are beaches all over Puerto Princesa, but some are nicer than others. The nearest, Pristine Beach, is just 5 minutes away from Purple Fountain and is a local favorite. There are also quieter beaches like Emerald Playa (around 20 minutes away) next to Microtel Suites.

Where can we eat?

All rooms come with complimentary set breakfast. For lunch, you will most likely be on tour. The Underground River and Honda Bay tours packages both include a picnic lunch.

For your other meals, our in-house restaurant, White Fence Country Cafe, is now serving friends and friends alike for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I'll be there on a weekend and I don't want to miss mass. Is there a Catholic church nearby?

Yes, the Immaculate Conception Cathedral is just 10 minutes away by tricycle. The anticipated mass at 5:30pm on Saturdays. Sunday mass schedules are as follows.

Morning Afternoon
5:00am - Tagalog 3:00pm - Tagalog
6:00am - Tagalog 4:00pm - Tagalog
7:00am - Tagalog 5:00pm - English
8:00am - English 6:00pm - English
9:00am - Tagalog 7:00pm - Tagalog
10:00am - English  
296 Manalo Extension Puerto Princesa City Palawan, Philippines